How Do You Get Pregnant

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How Do You Get Pregnant

How Do You Get Pregnant
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When To Get Pregnant

They say that timing is everything in life, and that is particularly true when it comes to your baby-making plans. When you conceive not only determines the month that your baby is due, but can have a big impact on your baby's gender. It is a little known fact that there are ways to manipulate the timing of your attempts to conceive so that it increases your chances of having a boy or a girl. Though not everybody has a preference, if you do, or if you just think it would be fun to see if it's true, there are important tips for you to follow, and things that you need to understand about the strengths and weaknesses of the sperm, that make all the difference in the world.

When To Get Pregnant To Have A Baby At A Specific Time

Everybody knows that if you want to have a baby at a particular time of year, you need to count backwards nine months and work on
trying to get pregnant then - we know that because we know that it takes nine months, or forty weeks, from the time that you conceive to the time that you deliver a baby.

The same kind of knowledge and planning that you need to use to determine when you are going to have your baby is also required if you want to determine what kind of baby you're going to have - meaning whether you are going to have a boy or a girl.

Though there are a lot of old wives tales about things that you should say or do or wear, and there are ancient Chinese calendars that purport to be able to determine whether you have a boy or girl depending upon the mother's age when she conceives, there are actually scientific reasons why the timing of when to get pregnant, and at what point of the cycle you actually try to conceive, will have a big impact on the gender of your child.

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These reasons are all about the differences between the male and female sperm.

When To Get Pregnant To Have A Girl

When a pair of prospective parents have a preference for pink, it is important that they focus their efforts on
trying to get pregnant a bit early in the woman's ovulation cycle. Use a fertility monitor or ovulation predictor to determine the date that you will be ovulating and have intercourse a couple of days before the egg is released. The reason for this is that the female sperm are slower swimmers, and stronger, then male sperm. By being aware of this you can time things so that a lot of the male sperm will have died by the time that the sperm reach it, maximizing the chance of a female sperm being the one to fertilize the egg.

When To Get Pregnant With A Boy

If you want to know when to get pregnant and increase your
chances of getting pregnant with a boy, then you need to time trying to conceive as close as possible to the time when the egg gets released. Going too early means that the male sperm will die, but if you have intercourse just as the egg is released, the speedy male sperm will get to the egg first, and you have a much better chance of having a boy.