How Do You Get Pregnant

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How Do You Get Pregnant

How Do You Get Pregnant
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I Want To Have A Baby

When and whether to have a baby is a decision that everybody makes at some point; whether you're a male or a female, whether you're in your twenties or your forties, everybody eventually makes this important choice.

If you've decided that you want and are ready to have a baby, there are a number of actions you need to take, including making sure that you're eating right, taking prenatal vitamins, timing when you want to have a baby, and understanding how conception works.

Once you start doing your homework, you may be surprised to find that one of the variables that you are able to determine is whether you're more likely to have a boy or a girl. Once you've taken all of the appropriate steps towards preparing your body for conceiving and carrying a happy and healthy baby, you can pursue your gender preference.

I Want To Have A In May

Everybody knows that if you are
trying to get pregnant and want to have your baby at a specific time of year, you need to get pregnant nine months before that date. But not as many people realize that if you want to get pregnant and have a preference on the gender of your baby, you can do the same kind of reverse engineering.

All that's required is an understanding of the way that the foods you eat, the timing of your conception, and the sexual position that you use impact the way that the sperm and the egg get together, and you'll be well on your way to planning the gender of your baby and ending up with the prince or princess that you want.

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I Want To Have A Boy

If it's your dream to have a son, if all you can think about is having a little man to play baseball or go fishing with, then you need to understand certain things about the male sperm. Most importantly, male sperm swim faster then female sperm. They are also weaker then the females, and die more quickly. This means that the
best way to get pregnant with a boy is to get the male sperm closest to the egg right at the moment that it is most ready to be fertilized. Be sure that you are following your ovulation cycle closely and try to conceive on the day that the egg is released, rather than a few days beforehand, so that the male sperm don't die out. Also, try to make sure that the cervical mucus and environment in the uterus are most friendly to the sperm by eating food that is more alkaline; meat is a good choice.

I Want To Have A Girl

The flip side of the formula is what to do if you want to know
how to get pregnant with a girl. In this case, you want to eat foods that are more acidic, because that environment will kill off the male sperm and leave more of the female sperm alive to try to reach the egg and fertilize it first. The female sperm move more slowly but they live longer, so the secret to having a girl is to outlive the male sperm. Try to time your conception attempt around your cycle so that you try a few days before ovulation; this allows the female sperm the time they need to swim to the egg, leaving dying male sperm behind.