How Do You Get Pregnant

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How Do You Get Pregnant

How Do You Get Pregnant
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How To Have A Baby

If you a looking at getting pregnant, you will find there is heaps of information out there on how to have a baby. As an IVF consultant, I am always answering questions about how to have a boy, how to have a baby girl and very often, how to have a baby without a man.

These are all genuine questions which over the past several years I have investigated thoroughly and have tested on various clients with success. Here I share with you just how to do it!

How To Have A Baby Boy

As you will know, there are two types of sperm, x and y. Both are very different, as one is how to have a baby boy and one is how to have a baby girl! In order to have a baby boy, the woman’s body needs to be as appealing to the y sperm as possible. Boy sperm are the weaker of the two and require an alkaline environment. This means that your body needs to have a PH of 7.35 - 7.45.

You can buy urine tests from the pharmacy to test your PH to assist with how to have a boy. If your PH is high then you can easily reduce this by altering your diet. How to have a baby boy means that while you are trying to conceive, you need to reduce your intake of animal protein including fish.

You also need to reduce your intake of dairy products. Rice and pasta will need to be replaced with a delicious baked potato. These foods create an acidic environment, and in my studies of how to have a baby boy, reducing these foods is important.

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Eat a lot of leafy green vegetables and fruit. Of particular benefit to reducing the PH are stone fruit, papaya and kiwi fruit. Although this diet seems harsh, hopefully you will not be trying to get pregnant for too long, and the results are worth it!

How To Have A Baby Girl

How to have a baby girl is the exact opposite of how to have a baby boy! Where the y sperm like an alkaline body, the x sperm enjoy an acidic environment. Girl sperm are stronger than boy sperm, which means when trying for how to have a baby girl, the more acidic body will be enjoyed by the x sperm and will aide in the killing of the weaker y sperm.

Buy a urine PH test from a pharmacy and try to get your PH between 7-7.3. A PH of lower than 7 is not healthy, so be careful. To make you body acidic and to assistant in how to have a baby girl, eat heaps of creamy based pasta and protein dishes.

Nuts also have high acidity as do cranberries, so make up a snack mix. Beans and legumes will also aid in how to have a baby girl, as will a good feast of brussel sprouts! Test your PH before you start the diet then every second day to make sure your body stays in an acidic state, therefore ensuring the success of how to have a baby girl!

How To Have A Baby Without A Man

How to have a baby boy without a man is not exactly possible - but you can have a baby without making physical contact with a man. In some countries, you can go through legal IVF using a sperm donor, but this is rare and involves a lot of money and paper work. If you can find a willing donor, then how to have a baby boy without a man is a lot easier.

You will need to purchase an ovulation kit to determine the exact time of your ovulation and this will be the day for insemination. What you need to remember is ‘fresh is best’. If you are planning on taking the ‘turkey basting’ option, you are likely to have most success if the sperm is freshly ejaculated in to a cup.

Purchase a syringe from a pharmacy or ask your doctor for one. Once the sperm is in the syringe how to have a baby with a man becomes the same principle as how to have a baby WITH a man!

Tap the syringe to ensure there are no air bubbles and then insert the syringe into the vagina. The aim is to lightly coat the cervix with sperm. Be gentle and stay in a position with your legs raised in the air for half an hour, then just lie down for two hours.

How to have a baby boy without a man using this method can have the same success rate as how to have a baby WITH a man, as long as the sperm is fresh and is collected in a sterile environment.

Ask your doctor first, and good luck!